Missouri Meerschaum Pipe & NicoNone Herbal Smoking Blend 1oz Refill Bag (PURIFY Peak)




NicoNone – Purify Peak – Loose Mugwort, Uva Ursi, Skullcap, Marshmallow, Damiana, Lobelia Herb Leaf Smoking Blend Mix 1Oz Bag Used with Tea, Herbal Cigarette Tobacco Free – Nicotine Free. Best of all, it is Zero Tobacco Zero Nicotine. This unique and relaxing handcrafted smoking mixture is blended with the finest herbs and contains no synthetic ingredients or tobacco. Best for rolling your own herbal smokes or enjoying out of a pipe, this loose-leaf blend is a perfect choice. The 1 Oz bag has resealable ziplock for the freshness of the herbal blend. Also comes with Missouri Meerschaum Eaton Corn Cob Pipe. Available Only as Straight Bit Slim, Barrel-Shaped Bowl Non-Filtered Approximate Dimensions Length: 5 in/127 mm Bowl height: 1.75 in/44.5 mm Chamber diameter: .625 in/15.88 mm Chamber depth: 1.25 in/31.75 mm

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